Electric Vehicle Charge Times

How long does it take to charge an electric car? It varies by car and charging station. The EV charge times chart below can help you pick the right charger for your electric vehicle based on vehicle intake and the power output by the charging station.

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VehicleAcceptance Rate (kW)Battery Size (kWh)Level 1 PCS-15 1.4kWLevel 2 SCH-15 1.4kWLevel 2 SCH-20 3.8kWLevel 2 SCH-25 4.8kWLevel 2 SCH-30 5.8kWLevel 2 EV-40 7.7kWLevel 2 EV-50 9.6kWLevel 2 EV-60 11.5kW
BMW ActiveE73223238.
BMW i3 2014-20167.42316.516.5654333
BMW i3 2017 (60 Ah battery)7.42316.516.5654333
BMW i3 2017 (90 Ah battery)7.43223238.
Chevy Bolt7.26043431612.510.
Chevy Spark3.32316.516.5777777
Fiat 500E6.62417176.5543.53.53.5
Ford Focus EV6.62316.516.56543.53.53.5
Ford Focus EV 20176.633.52424976555
Honda Clarity EV6.625.518186.55.54.5444
Hyundai Ioniq6.62820207.565444
Kia Soul6.62719.519.575.54.5444
Mercedes B Class B250e9.62820207.5653.533
Mitsubishi i-MiEV3.31611.511.5555555
Nissan Leaf 2011-123.32417177.
Nissan Leaf 2013-16 S3.32417177.
Nissan Leaf S 2013-156.62417176.5543.53.53.5
Nissan Leaf S 20166.62417176.5543.53.53.5
Nissan Leaf S 20166.63021.521.586.554.54.54.5
Nissan Leaf 20173.33021.521.5999999
Nissan Leaf 20176.63021.521.586.554.54.54.5
Nissan Leaf 2018 S3.34028.528.5121212121212
Nissan Leaf 20186.64028.528.510.58.57666
Smart Car3.317.612.512.
Smart Fortwo ED 20177.217.612.512.54.53.532.52.52.5
Tesla Model 3 Standard7.75035.535.51310.
Tesla Model 3 Long Range9.670505018.514.51297.57.5
Tesla Model S 60 Single9.66043431612.510.586.56.5
Tesla Model S 70 Single9.670505018.514.51297.57.5
Tesla Model S 75 & 75D11.57553.553.519.515.5139.586.5
Tesla Model S 85 Single9.68560.560.522.517.514.51199
Tesla Model S 90 Single9.69064.564.523.51915.511.59.59.5
Tesla Model S 60 Dual19.26043431612.510.586.55
Tesla Model S 70 Dual19.270505018.514.51297.56
Tesla Model S 85 Dual19.28560.560.522.517.514.51197.5
Tesla Model S 90 Dual19.29064.564.523.51915.511.59.58
Tesla Model S 100D & P100D17.210071.571.526.521171310.58.5
Tesla Model X 60 Single11.56043431612.510.586.55
Tesla Model X 75 Single11.57553.553.519.515.5139.586.5
Tesla Model X 90 Single11.59064.564.523.51915.511.59.58
Tesla Model X 60 Dual17.26043431612.510.586.55
Tesla Model X 75 Dual17.27553.553.519.515.5139.586.5
Tesla Model X 90 Dual17.29064.564.523.51915.511.59.58
Tesla Model X 100D & P100D17.210071.571.526.521171310.58.5
Tesla Roadster17.256404014.511.59.57.565
Toyota Rav49.641.83030118.575.54.54.5
VW e-Golf3.62417176.
VW e-Golf7.22417176.5543.53.53.5
VW e-Golf 20177.235.825.525.59.57.56555
Zenith 350 Van9.662.544.544.516.5131186.56.5
Zenith 350 Van Upgrade19.262.544.544.516.5131186.55.5
VehicleAcceptance Rate (kW)Battery Size (kWh)Level 1 PCS-15 1.4kWLevel 2 SCH-15 1.4kWLevel 2 SCH-20 3.8kWLevel 2 SCH-25 4.8kWLevel 2 SCH-30 5.8kWLevel 2 EV-40 7.7kWLevel 2 EV-50 9.6kWLevel 2 EV-60 11.5kW
Audi A3 E-Tron3.
BMW 330e3.
BMW 530e3.
BMW 740e3.
BMW i83.67.155222222
BMW X5 xDrive-40e3.696.
Cadillac CT63.618.413134.
Cadillac ELR3.316.512124.
Chevy Volt3.316.51212444444
Chevy Volt 2016/20173.618.413134.
Chrysler Pacifica6.61611.511.543.532.52.52.5
Fisker Karma3.32014.514.5555555
Ford C Max Energi3.
Ford Fusion Energi3.
Honda Accord6.66.75521.51.25111
Honda Clarity Plug-In6.61712124.53.532.52.52.5
Hyundai Ioniq Plug-In3.
Hyundai Sonata3.39.877333333
Karma Revero6.621.415.515.
Kia Niro3.
Kia Optima3.39.877333333
Mercedes C350 Hybrid3.
Mercedes GLE 550e3.
Mercedes S550 Hybrid3.38.7662.
MINI Cooper SE Countryman ALL43.
Mitsubishi Outlander3.3128.
Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid3.610.87.57.5333333
Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid7.
Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid3.
Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid7.
Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid3.614.11010444444
Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid7.214.110103.532.5222
Porsche 918 Spyder3.66.855222222
Toyota Prius EV3.34.4331.
Toyota Prius Prime EV3.
VIA Motors Truck17.32316.516.565432.52
VIA Motors Van17.32316.516.565432.52
Volvo V603.311.2883.
Volvo XC90 T83.

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