Sun Country Highway Brochures & Manuals

We provide the safest, most reliable, and affordable EVSE on the market. Each meet the rigid testing standards of Underwriter’s Laboratories to earn their UL listing. Our charging stations work with all current electric vehicles on the market. Learn the ins-and-outs of each Sun Country charging station including installation, troubleshooting, and warranty with the product brochure or manual.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

SCH Series

The safest, most reliable EV charging stations on the market.
ev charger sun country

This charger boasts a rugged (NEMA 4) weatherproof casing and easy to read charging panel. Built-in smart re-closure system that self-tests, resets, and ensures your car will be charged in case of power fault or outage. The Universal J1772 connector ensures maximum electric vehicle compatibility. The SCH series is available in 3 powerful options, 100 amp, 60 amp, and 40 amp. Compatible with Liberty keypad for access control solution. Comes complete with 22ft of charging cable.

Model SCH100
Circuit 100A
Continuous 70/80A
kW 19.2
Warranty 1 Year
Installation Hardwired
Manual View Data Sheet

EV Series

Tough and reliable for public or home charging.



ev charger sun country

The EV Series is the most versatile and affordable, high power line of chargers from Sun Country Highway. Designed to take the wear-and-tear of everyday use, with a weatherproof NEMA 4 enclosure. Perfect for home or commercial installations with 60A and 40A options. Unit comes complete with 25ft of charging cable.

Model EV40R EV40PR EV60R EV80R
Circuit 40A 40A 60A 80A
Continuous 32A 32A 48A 64A
kW 7.7 7.7 11.5 15.4
Warranty 5 Year 5 Year 5 Year 5 Year
Installation Hardwired Plug-In
NEMA 14-50
Hardwired Hardwired
Data Sheets Data Sheet Data Sheet Data Sheet Data Sheet
COSMOS Data Sheets Data Sheet Data Sheet Data Sheet Data Sheet

COSMOS - an optional feature that enables UART serial communication and a digital load management interface through a wired conduit. COSMOS allows integration of the charging station with building energy management or other third party monitoring and control systems.

ChargeGuard - Reliable and affordable key-based access control to ensure only authorized users have access to the Charging Station.

Dual Series - The Dual Series splits electricity between two vehicles, with up to 20 Amps of electricity each when both are charging and up to 40 Amps when one vehicle is charging. The Dual series charger is installed on one 32 or 40Amp circuit. Can be mounted on a wall or on one of our free-standing pedestal options.