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NeoCharge Appliance Smart Splitter

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NeoCharge Appliance Smart Splitter

Home electrification made simple.

With home electrification on the horizon, electric appliances are more important than ever before. Power two appliances anywhere in your home with one 220-volt outlet to avoid expensive electric rewiring. Power an electric heat pump, water heater, dryer, induction stovetop, or any other plug-in 220-volt appliance with just one 220-volt outlet.

  • Easy Installation - Simply plug in your Smart Splitter for charging access and you're ready to charge. The Dual-Car Smart Splitter is designed for two NEMA 14-50 chargers. If your charger plug is different than 4-prong, NEMA 14-50, please contact [email protected]
  • Great for Home Renters and Homeowners - Charging access no longer requires expensive panel upgrades, permits, or waiting for an electrician.. Our Smart Splitters do not cause permanent damage to the home.
  • Future Proof Your Home - Equip your home with two charging ports and welcome friends to charge.
  • Portable - The Appliance Smart Splitter weighs only 2.5lbs can easily be taken on the go.
  • UL/cUL Listed
  • Built with your safety in mind.
  • Auto-Switching - Your Smart Splitter will automatically prioritize output power to the primary side. If you're charging your car but need to run the dryer, simply start the dryer and your Smart Splitter will pause the car charge, and resume once the dryer session is complete.
  • LED Charging Indicators - Light indicators tell you which car(s) is charging.
  • Appliance Compatibility - Your Smart Splitter is compatible with all electric dryers, water-heaters, heat pumps and ranges.
  • Indoor Installation.
  • Built in the USA.


Output Power 24A/5.7kW
Voltage 240 VAC nominal, single phase
Input NEMA 14-50P
Outputs 2 x NEMA 14-30R, NEMA 10-30R, or NEMA 14-50R
Dimensions 5.25" x 5.25" x 5.25
Weight 2.5 lb
Warranty 2 years
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